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Ideas for Hen Parties

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Free Bottle of Rose Wine
When you book Thirty Fifty wine tasting with another featured service.

30 Minutes Extra Pampering
When you book a Pamper Party with another featured service.

30 Extra Minutes Butlering
When you book Butlers in the Buff with another featured service.

Butlers in the Buff

Experts in etiquette, Butlers in the Buff will transform your hen night into a truly memorable evening. Operating nationally, so wherever the hen party, we can provide you with the perfect butler! If you would prefer them to wear something other than their pinny, the Butlers can tailor their outfit to match the theme of the hen party. How about a topless butler in trousers, or even a kilt?!

Coming up with exciting hen party ideas can be chore! So, let our lovely butlers take the stress out of organising a hen party, sit back, relax and enjoy the view while your butler tops up your drinks and waits your hen party guests hand and foot. Your butler or butlers can be used to meet and greet your guests, pour champagne, mix cocktails, serve food as well as any other butlering duty needed for your hen party.

Butlers in the Buff provide a premium, highly professional, bespoke service that is at once truly decadent and sophisticated. For more details visit our web site: butlersinthebuff.co.uk.

hen party ideas pamper butlerThe Day of the Hen Party

Your butler or butlers will arrive 10-15 minutes before you have booked them to start and will arrive discreetly and fully clothed in order to maintain any element of surprise. Once they are changed and ready they will then work for the entire period you have booked them for, whether this is just a couple of hours or for the entirety of your hen party. They can even clean up before they leave.

Bookings & Prices

Prices are available online at Butlers in the Buff or by telephoning 01275 395 336. Our prices are based on an hourly rate not per guest so the more guests you have attending the hen party the cheaper it will be per person. We can often take last minute hen party bookings but to ensure your hen party is a success it is advisable to book early especially during the busy hen party season over the spring and summer.

If you are looking to keep the cost of your hen party down then why not think about a champagne breakfast on one of the mornings of the hen weekend. You can save up to £50 on a breakfast booking compared to our peak time rates for afternoon and evening bookings. Please feel free to speak to our bookings team who can talk you through other ideas as well as the details of booking Butlers in the Buff for your hen party.

Where & when?

Butlers in the Buff are available through out England, Wales and Scotland. Whatever you are looking for from the hen party you are arranging let Butlers in the Buff take the stress out of entertaining and make your hen party a truly memorable hen event. You can book butlers anywhere in the country at any time that suits you. So whether youÂ’re staying at home all evening or having a butler to start the evening off at home before going out for your hen party, the choice is yours. Bookings can also be made for your hen weekend cottage, hotel or apartment.

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